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The Bold Hometrail Session

a bespoke try-out event for you and your friends

Talking tech, testing bikes and having a great time – that’s what a Bold Hometrail Session is about. Anybody can set up a local test event featuring a rare opportunity to spend a few special hours with members of the Bold team and get some background knowledge about the company and its bikes.

Get your cycling mates together for a Hometrail Session and the boys from Bold will roll up with the test fleet and our much-loved barbecue. We’ll meet up directly at your favourite trail, and organise some hours of excellent riding followed by plenty of time to eat and hang out: a chance to get some interesting insights into behind the scenes at Bold.

And of course, the local organiser gets a special gift as a reward for their efforts.

You can book your Hometrail Session directly via the Bold website, or just give us a call. Tell us how many riders you’re expecting, along with frame sizes, the models you’re particularly interested in, and a couple of suggestions for dates, and we’ll put it all together. Then all you need to do is say where your Bold Hometrail Session is going to take place. (On that point, because we’re a small company, we are currently only able to offer Hometrail Sessions in Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany.)

You and your friends choose the start and finish times, and get a special opportunity to compare the different frames and componentry in the best place possible: your favourite home trail!

Ride with Bold!


At the BOLD HOMETRAIL SESSION it´s all about trail riding and talking bikes!


No matter if we meet at you local HOMETRAIL or at a bikepark – you lead the way!


Fun on the bike- that´s the main focus!


We´ll give you first hand information from the bike industry and a deep insight in the world of BOLD.


If you are not sure about prefering 29″ over 27,5″ or riding a Classic or a LT, test all of the options – you know best!


That’s how the perfect end of a BOLD HOMETRAIL SESSION should look like – you and your friends at the trails in a chilled atmosphere.


Just fill up the following form and we’ll give you a call!